I got two D-Handles and a BRT


Where it’s at!

  • kieth_gj

It Comes From Space!

The Space Needle

  • IMG_20160730_140828

Seal of Approval

Seal of approval

  • Seal of approval

A mighty sta(la)g

A mighty sta(la)g

A real spitter

There’s no taming this one.


Discoverer of Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh


Harvard Bokko classing up the Olympics.

UT Tower

  • DW_UT_Giant_Tower


An Orlan named Desire

Soyuz wanna go to space?

  • Soyuz girl

Impressive growth

  • IMG_1567

Watch out, girl!

  • IMG_1568

Ready to couple

A training mockup of a flexhose rotary coupler.

Generating Power

An old dam generator turbine.

  • 316658_10100351877187161_12741786_n

Shuttle stack

The last Space Shuttle External Tank, attached to Atlantis for STS-135.

  • DW Shuttle External Tank

Ready to grapple

The Japanese robotic arm end effector.

  • Japan 2009 - Giant Junk 009

An interesting base

Near a mall in Tsukuba, Japan.

  • Japan 2009 - Giant Junk 002

The Incredible Hulk

A ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

A handful

My buddy, Dale, at a marina.

  • Dale Marina


Poseidon would be proud.

  • D Triton

Tokyo Tower

Lit up for all to see!

  • Tokyo Tower


Some strange statue in Tokyo.

  • Tokyo Double Header

Rocket powered



I’m excited to be here!

A random bridge in Tsukuba, Japan.

  • Japan 2009 - Giant Junk 006

Serious firepower

  • Large Russian Cannon

The Beginning

My first giant junk picture.

  • Russian Cannon